2020 Interior Design Trends

If you’re looking for some inspiration to refresh your interiors in 2020, look no further. We’ve collected some of the most refreshing design changes the new year has in store for us, from general styles down to the specifics of furniture trends and paint colours.  


General styles come in and out of vogue slower than specific trends like paint colours and fabrics. That’s why it’s unusual that we’re seeing a lot of change in general styles in 2020. Both minimalism and Scandinavian styles are continuing to become less popular and newer styles are now visible on the horizon. That includes: 

  • Classic: When we say classic, we mean 18th and 19th century European, but with modern comfort and harmony. It’s plush, elegant and uses a lot of metallics. 
  • Contemporary: This style is a little hard to pin down, but don’t be fooled by the name. It’s not new, it was around in the 1970s, and is now coming back in a big way. You can find a lot of inspirational photos of this style. 
  • Eclectic: Eclectic is almost an anti-style. To have your room qualify as eclectic all you have to do is not follow a particular style. Blending two or more styles, or simply collecting interior décor items you adore.  

Furniture Trends 

The new year is bringing in a lot of freedom in style. It’s no surprise then that the furniture trends are going to be a little looser. It’s more about the use and manufacturing process than about any specific item or shape. 

  • Functionality: Expect to see a renewed emphasis on furniture that works for you and makes your home life more comfortable. Fabrics that are easy-to-clean, floors that are resistant to damage and spills, and other functional choices are in vogue. 
  • Sustainability: Designers and homeowners alike are increasingly making their decisions about furniture based on how environmentally friendly their production was. Think renewable materials, with finishes that don’t use crazy chemicals, and weren’t built by child labourers. Along with this natural emphasis, we are seeing people focus on a natural, green look. 
  • Curves: One shape trend we can nail down is that geometric shapes are out, and curves are coming back to the forefront. Expect to see curves in chairs, couches, tables, and everything else. 


The general style changes for 2020 are deeply reflected in the changing colour trends. Minimalism is out, which means that soft neutrals are also less popular. Expect to see colours shift to both brighter and deeper shades. Green is a reliable choice, matching well with sustainable materials. 

Plus, blue paired with metallics is a huge trend in classic styles, so you should expect to see some of that too. You may not be too surprised to hear that, as Pantone has already announced the colour of the year is Classic Blue.

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