Benefits of Spring Cleaning and De-Cluttering Your Home


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Spring is a time for refreshing and cleaning through belongings that may otherwise be collecting dust. There are a multitude of benefits that come from purging items that you rarely or ever use, including more free space, less time searching through the clutter, and a clearer, focused mind overall. Not only will your home be in better shape, but your mental attitude and mood will improve too.

To help you regain control of your surroundings and enjoy your space again, here are some handy tips to help you purge your home and keep it in top shape.

Tips for Spring Cleaning

If you’ve never purged before, it can sometimes feel daunting. We recommend starting small and working your way up to more challenging items such as sentimental objects and photos.

These additional tips may be useful:

  • De-clutter in small, focused bursts, and concentrate on one area of your home at a time. Start wherever works best for you
  • Ask yourself questions such as, “Have I used this item in the last year?” and “Is this item adding to my life?”. Try to be practical in your decisions. If you don’t use things, get rid of them!
  • If an item is of no use but holds sentimental value, try taking a photo and then letting the item go. Only let go of things you truly feel comfortable doing so with
  • Create ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and ‘toss’ piles to keep you on track
  • Give items to family and friends. Only do so if it’s something they genuinely would benefit from having and try to avoid simply unloading your clutter onto someone else’s hands.
  • Take things to charity stores, or sell unwanted items to earn extra cash
  • Remove your ‘crutch’. This is an extremely important step. We all have a ‘junk’ drawer/cupboard/space. Remove the urge to fill it with more stuff by giving it a purpose and using it for something else of value

Purge Responsibly

There are more ways than ever to reduce, re-use and recycle and rather than filling up landfills with items that can be more sustainably discarded, such as electronics, try these methods instead.

  • Electronics – Items such as batteries, cell phones, computers, tablets and laptops must be recycled properly. Research local companies or services online that will take these away for you and safely dispose of them
  • Clothing – Consider donating to charity stores such as Good Will or try making a memory quilt incorporating pieces of clothing items that have great sentimental value. This can also make a great gift item
  • Books – Books that are still in good condition can be taken to local day-care centres, schools and even libraries for re-use programs
  • Furniture – List furniture items such as couches, tables or chairs on Craigslist or similar sites to help keep them out of landfills and earn some extra cash in the process
  • Toiletries – Take unused toiletries to youth and women’s centres or homeless shelters near you who could benefit most from items needed every day
  • Pharmaceuticals – Expired medications and supplements can be taken to your local pharmacy who will dispose of them properly

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Spring Cleaning Preparation

  • Create a checklist so you know exactly what needs to get done.
  • Get the right cleaning supplies so you’re prepared for the job at hand.
  • Clean everything to your standards. Don’t waste time and energy on what’s not important to you.
  • Add prizes for cleaning. This is a great way to get other family members involved in the process!
  • Do a final walkthrough. There may be things you missed first time around.
  • Finally, maintain the level of cleanliness throughout your home. Clean little and often and it won’t feel like such a big task.

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