Constructing Beauty: Coolest Home Designs from Around the World

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You can find exquisite homes that are completely different from what you’d expect, in every corner of the world.

The inspiration for the design of these homes might spark from the environment they are in, materials available, cultural preferences and architectural history. But, are there homes that appeal to everyone? Are there popular designs that we’d all love to live in?  One global competition found the answer.

What Elements Make Up a Luxurious Home?

Last year, HGTV held a contest to find the most beautiful homes in the world. The winners were selected based on almost 900,000 votes. The goal of this contest was to showcase the diversity of alluring homes from all across the globe.

The overall winner was an Italian villa. It seems the combination of classic Italian style, from plaster walls to clay tile roofing, with modern amenities, won the voter’s hearts. With a massive pool, indoor theatre and outdoor stone oven, there is nothing to want for in this home.

Still, not all of the homes were what you would expect. Some of the most surprising features of these homes include:

  • Sub-zero refrigerator
  • Formal, European style gardens
  • Lava rock fireplace
  • Waterfall views
  • Stone flooring
  • All glass exteriors[1]

One strong theme was either a reduction in or a complete lack of separation between indoor and outdoor space. This contest really demonstrated that trends are pointing towards more outdoor living space, no matter where you live.

Design Traits from Around the World

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Every area has its own twist on the most popular styles. For example, modern homes in Canada, Singapore and India often aim for an art deco-inspired look that is bold.

In Australia, it has become popular to infuse elements of nature into interior design, such as the ocean, beach and bush.  Finland is paying homage to nature by consistently putting a focus on sustainable design methods inside of their homes. The same goes for Columbia, where natural materials like wicker are popular, alongside more artificial materials like concrete.

France has been using the classic art of layering inside their homes, while Greece is utilizing minimalism. Italy is encouraging creative craftsmanship.  [1]

You don’t have to move to a different part of the world to get to experience some of these luxuries in your home. Contact our expert staff today to help design the home of your dreams or choose from one of our stunning models.


[1] Mulvey, Kelsey. The Biggest Design Trends Around the World, According to Top Designers. Elle Décor. July 15, 2019. Available online [1]l Global competition reveals world’s most beautiful homes. Newshub. July 25, 2018. Available  online
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