Upgrades to Do During a Build vs. Later

White Modern Kitchen

When you’re building a new home, the features and upgrades that you want will play a huge role in determining the overall cost. You may not be able to afford all of the upgrades that you need, or that you think you’ll need later on. Which upgrades should you pause until later, and which should you insist on getting done right now? Typically, if an upgrade will be more expensive to do later, you should do it now. Here are four types of upgrades that you should do during the build to save money. 

Kitchen Upgrades 

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms in the home, but it also has a direct impact on your quality of life. Springing for the quieter dishwasher or larger freezer will help you enjoy your new home more. The same goes for other kitchen upgrades, like a better kitchen countertop, larger cabinets and custom lighting. These things are challenging and expensive to add in after the fact, so it’s wiser to add them now. 

Basement Upgrades   

The basement can be a major cost in your new home build budget. However, opting to skip the basement or leave it shallow can be a big mistake. You can’t move the house afterwards to dig out a better basement. If you keep it shallow you may end up with a space that feels small and restricted, and you won’t make much use of it. Opting for an extra foot or so of basement depth can make this space more functional, which ensures you get your money’s worth from the basement. 

Modern Bathroom

Plumbing for Future Bathroom Upgrades   

Another basement upgrade you may be interested in for the future is a full or half bath. Perhaps you want your kids, when grown, to use this space. Or, maybe you’re planning on having an in-law suite or renting out the space. Maybe you don’t see the need to add the bathroom quite yet, but make sure your builder adds the plumbing lines for it. This is much easier to do before the space is finished and will make your eventual bathroom addition more affordable. 

Lighting Upgrades  

What completes your renovation is not the colour of the walls or the furniture in each room, it’s the lighting. We spend most of the daylight hours away from our homes, meaning that when we are at home we heavily rely on lighting. When completing a reno, you may want to consider upgrading your lighting. From adding pot lightssconces or upgrading the wiring you can save time and money by completing it during the renovation.  

Energy Saver Upgrades 

The moment that you start paying for your new home’s utility bills, you’ll wish that you had opted for the energy-efficient upgrades. A better furnace, washing machine, and water heater will all make a huge difference in your monthly bills. Plus, these upgraded appliances are often easier to use and make your life better that way. 

Other energy saver upgrades include better windows and doors, insulation, and unique heating types such as radiant floor heating. All of these are much easier to install during the build than a few years later, and you’ll see their cost savings right away. 

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