What to Consider When Choosing a Hamilton Location

Moving to Hamilton? While the house you choose is important, where that home is located matters too. It can be hard to get a good enough sense of a new city to know which areas in it are best suited for you. This guide will help you get a better sense of Hamilton and walk you through a list of things you should consider when choosing a Hamilton location. 

Proximity to Major Highways & Traffic 

Your new home should be close to the major roadways that matter to you. The major highways in Hamilton are the Highway 403, QEW, and the Lincoln Alexander Parkway. Which is most important to you will depend on where you need to go most regularly. Consider where you’ll be working, and scout out other locations you might frequent to get an idea of which areas might be most convenient for you. 

Proximity to Transit 

If you intend to use transit or have children that might use it to get to school, your new home’s proximity to the major transit lines will be important. There are three transit options in Hamilton, the Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), DARTS and GO Transit. There are two major terminals for GO Transit, one in downtown Hamilton and another at McMaster University. 

School Zones & Day Cares 

Those who have children should also consider which school zone they’d like to live in. Schools in Hamilton require you to live in their zone in order for your children to attend. Daycares are a bit more flexible, but their location is important too. You want to minimize the time you have to spend driving your kids to and from daycare, to add more time to your day. Plus, many daycares have long waitlists. Inquire as to their availability before you decide on one. 

Hospitals and Medical Centers 

Everyone can stand to be a bit closer to a hospital or a doctor’s office. However, for those with chronic conditions, being within a few minutes of the hospital may be especially important. Check out where your doctor or your preferred hospital will be and plan accordingly. 


There are a few stores you’ll probably visit regularly, including your grocery store, pharmacy, and favourite hobby or clothing stores. There are plenty of options for this in Hamilton, but you have very specific needs for your stores, you might want to take their location into account. 

Crime and Safety 

Hamilton is an overall safe city, but, as with all cities, there are some areas that are less safe than others. It’s best to look into the crime stats before you pick a neighbourhood. 

Many areas of Hamilton offer great access to amenities and transportation, along with good school zones and low crime. If you’re interested in a home in a great Hamilton neighbourhood, reach out to us at DeSozio Homes today. 



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