Tips for Moving to Hamilton

Buying a new home can be a scary, intimidating and overwhelming process in and of itself.

But buying one in a new city can make it even more so.

It’s one thing to move across town, but to start fresh in a new development like Harmony on Twenty in a new city like Hamilton is a different story.

After all, you’re moving in without any real idea of what to expect from the residents and locations from one street to the next.

New home questionsBig questions after making a big change

Even after you’ve made the move to Hamilton, you’ll have plenty of questions about what life in a DeSozio Homes development will be like when you’re settled in.

Which is perfectly normal.

You’ll want answers to such questions as:

  • Just how safe is the city and neighbourhood?
  • Where’s a good place to eat?
  • How easy is it to get around town on a daily basis?

Not to mention the overall lifestyle change that comes from this kind of a fresh start.


Get the facts for yourself – before, during & after your move

Chances are, you’ll hear rumours – both good stories and bad – about where you’re moving from well-meaning friends and family members.

Take them with a grain of salt.

Remember, you’re the one who made the appointment to visit the model home.

You’re taking the time check out the local community features and get to know the area.

In the end, it’s your opinion that matters most.

What to do before moving day in a new city

Take a look at these tips for moving to a new city (in this case, Hamilton) to get an idea of how to make the migration a little easier.

1. Research

This one should go without saying! Research, research, research: find out everything you don’t already know about your new city.

Learn about Hamilton’s:

  • Culture (A hard-working, blue-collar town with lots of hidden gems)
  • Food (Tim Horton’s was founded here and there are plenty of great restaurants)
  • Sports teams (Go Tiger-Cats! Go Bulldogs!)
  • Hotspots (Love to shop? Hit Central Mountain. Enjoy the nightlife? Visit Hess Village)
  • History (Hamilton has played an important role in the development and growth of Canada)


2. Learn about getting around

The last thing you want is to spend your first few weeks in Hamilton is getting continuously lost.

So be sure you get a good idea of main roads and such before moving day.

It’s a good idea to start with places you know you’ll be going frequently and map out the best routes. (This is actually pretty good as far as general tips for moving go!)

And make sure you become familiar with the following roads and highways:

  • The Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway
  • The Red Hill Creek Expressway
  • Mountain Access Roads
  • King St., Main St. & Barton St.
  • Upper James St.


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3. Explore

This sort of falls under the above suggestion, but it’s more about seeing Hamilton in person than looking at maps.

If you’ve got the time and resources, take a day to head over and see for yourself what’s around.

  • Like fine art? Visit the Art Gallery of Hamilton
  • Enjoy the beach? Take a walk at Confederation Park
  • History buff? Check out the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum
  • Want to explore nature? Make your way to the Eramosa Karst Conservation Area

Take your time and see as much of it as you can to get a real feel for what day-to-day life is like there.


4. Meet the locals

Ask people who live in the area what they think of it and if they have any tips for getting settled.

You can also register or sign up for some online Hamilton neighbourhood forums and speak to residents that way.

Hopefully they’ll enjoy talking about Hamilton and will be able to give some good advice and insights about what to expect there.

5. Remember to enjoy this new chapter

Moving to Hamilton from out of town?

It’s equal parts exciting, exhausting, overwhelming, intimidating, and okay, maybe a little terrifying too.

And that’s okay.

Just remember to keep a positive outlook and attitude as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

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