Going Back to School in Your New Neighbourhood

Back to school is always an exciting time for kids and parents alike.

And if you’ve just moved into a new DeSozio Homes house, the start of another school year can worrisome or nervous.

(Not to mention exciting).

When you add it all up, there’s a lot to consider and take care of when going back to school after you’ve moved into a new house.

In addition to getting to know a new school and making new friends, families will also be adjusting to new things like:

  • Places at home to store backpacks
  • Different homework areas (a new kitchen, a different bedroom set up, etc.)
  • School bus schedules and pick-up areas

Here are some ways to make the days leading up to – and after the first day of school – as smooth as possible.

Figure out all possible ways to get to school

Now, if you’re going to be moving into a community like Harmony on Twenty, your kids might be taking a bus to get to school.

However, if your new school is within walking distance of your new home, there’s a good chance you have multiple routes available.

So before school starts, take a walk to school through all accessible and safe areas like:

  • Streets
  • Parks with walking paths
  • City-built short cuts

Then, instead of walking, ride your bikes or take your roller blades. Some routes may be safer on foot while others are best served on bicycle.

Taking time to do this accomplishes two things.

Firstly, it helps your kids get familiar with their new Hamilton neighbourhood.

Secondly, it gives them the confidence they need to safely make their way to and from school each and every day.

Organize your new house so it’s back-to-school ready

Making breakfast. Packing lunches. Doing homework. Heading out for after-school activities.

All these things – and more – take place on a typical school day.

And your new custom home needs to be ready to handle it.

Work with your kids to establish areas for things like:

  • Backpacks
  • Homework
  • Supplies (pencils, pencil sharpeners, paper, etc.)
  • Extracurricular items (instruments, sports equipment, dance gear, etc.)
  • Quick, healthy snacks

That way, they (and you) won’t be frustrated because you don’t know where anything is.

Plus, it helps them focus on concentrate better; knowing that everything has a place and that they don’t need to spend time looking through clutter to find what they need, when they need it.

Spend extra time with your kids

As mentioned off the top, going back to school is pretty hectic.

Moving to a new house (even with a comprehensive moving checklist in hand) is stressful.

It’s a lot for parents to take, let alone kids.

Between packing and unpacking and registering your children into their new school, make certain to set aside some special time for them.

Talk to them about the new house and school. Ask them what they’re looking forward to most and find out what they’re uncertain about.

And if possible, let them have a say on ways to make their new home truly theirs. Whether it’s picking a special colour of paint for their bedroom or just exploring each new room one-by-one.

A big new house is awesome. And a cool new school is great.

But nothing’s as helpful or effective as love, security and reassurance during a transitional time.

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